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Fire officials warn of proper firework disposal after dumpster fire Monday morning

Dumpster Fire at Midway Heights Baptist Church on the morning of July 5, 2021
Boone Co. Fire Protection District puts out dumpster fire caused by fireworks at Midway Heights Baptist Church on July 5, 2021


Fire officials are warning of proper firework disposal after a dumpster fire at the Midway Heights Baptist Church on Monday morning.

Fire Captain John Wilke with the Boone County Fire Protection District said the church had a large fireworks display to celebrate the holiday. After the fireworks were over, they were put into the dumpster.

A small fire crew responded to the scene a little after 3 a.m. on Monday morning.

Wilke said even if fireworks are thought to be extinguished, they can reignite if they aren't placed in water.

"If they're not placed in water, water should be placed on them," Wilke said. "The people have to understand that spent fireworks can smolder and when there's a large quantity of them such as what we have here this morning, they will ignite and create quite a lot of visible fire."

Wilke said this type of fire is very common when larger class C fireworks are used.

"These are the ones that are in boxes and shoot up aerial pyrotechnics," Wilke said. "The fireworks may seem to be depleted but the powder and the paper inside the device will smolder and eventually....will catch fire."

He said fireworks placed in a metal bucket full of water is a safe way to get rid of the explosives.

Wilke said the damage caused by the fire to the dumpster, will require sandblasting and repainting. There were no additional damages reported.

No one was injured from the fire.

Fireworks are allowed in Boone County but are illegal within the city limits of Columbia.

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