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Police respond to a pair of robberies at Columbia gas stations overnight Saturday


The Columbia Police Department responded to two robberies involving weapons late Saturday and early Sunday.

The first was at the Break Time in the 2400 block of Paris Road just before 11:30 p.m.

When officers got to the scene, witnesses said the business had been robbed by an man, described as a tall, thin, Black and last seen wearing a mask, a hoodie and sweatpants.

He was last seen going south on Paris Road. The CPD K-9 unit was used to try and track him but was unsuccessful.

No one was hurt at the robbery at the Break Time.

Just hours later around 3:40 a.m., police recieved a report of a second robbery with a weapon at Petro Mart on the 1000 Block of Stadium Blvd. 

Witnesses at this scene described the man wearing the same clothing that was reported the robbery on Paris Road.

No one was hurt after the robbery at Petro Mart.

It's unclear how much or what was taken from each of the gas stations. Police have not reported that any arrests have been made.

Police are still investigation, and asking anyone who has information about either of the robberies to contact the Columbia Police Department at (573) 874-7652 or CrimeStoppers at (573) 875-TIPS (8477) to remain anonymous.

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  1. The police must have been having a very busy night. Priority calls were being put on hold.

    On the first robbery, it was reported the bad guy threatened to shoot the store employees.

    At 3:44 am, as the second gas station on Stadium was being robbed at gunpoint, the 911 operator gets the law alarm and calls the Police Sergeant on duty to prioritize the priority calls in the stack: Commercial panic alarm and a FAST (what is this?). He said “hold for now.” That’s right, the police did not even get dispatched to the robbery until the store employees called 911 sometime later. What else was going on?

    At 3:49 am the 911 operator calls the police back and says “Information, your subject from Paris Road Breaktime just hit again 1004 North Stadium.”
    Police response “OK” – other radio traffic during this time seemed rather odd too

    At 3:50 am police units are actually dispatch to the gas station. The cops ask “What is the time delay on it (between crime and call)?
    Dispatcher: “We just got a call from the store, a minute ago, with information that male walked in with a gun and a note, black male…just happened (six minutes ago).”

    A short time later, 911 dispatcher to Police Sergeant – “Pending verbal domestic, Godas Circle (scene of recent shootings) 4 subjects fighting out in the street”
    Police Sergeant “It will have to hold”

    Obviously we don’t need more police but more social workers to address crimes like this.

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