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Several agencies involved in keeping Governor Parson’s inauguration safe


As the incumbent governor of Missouri Mike Parson is set to be sworn in for his first full term, several agencies are prepared to make sure the event is safe.

The Inauguration will take place on the South Lawn of the Missouri Capitol. Events kick off at 11 a.m. and are free and open to the public.

The Department of Public Safety, which oversees the Missouri Capitol Police, has a plan for the inauguration that has been used and updated over the years and that includes "extensive security measures."

A spokesman for the department Mike O'Connell said in a statement details about the plan are not shared publicly but ensured it's a team effort between state, federal, and the local law enforcement agencies in Jefferson City.

"They have vast experience because the State Capitol and Jefferson City routinely host a wide variety of large-scale public events, in addition to the inauguration every four years."

Mike O'Connell, Missouri Department of Public Safety

Unlike years pasts, there will not be a parade or the inaugural ball. O'Connell said this means more security officers will be available for other responsibilities.

This large scale event comes less than a week after rioters broke into the U.S. Capitol, leaving four people dead.

In his statement, O'Connell said agencies continually monitor what is going on nation-wide and can change and adapt plans as needed.

"The Missouri State Highway Patrol and other law enforcement and homeland security agencies will continue to monitor events locally and nationally and share any potential risks among their partner. This allows for plans to be adapted and revised whenever that is appropriate."

Mike O'Connell, Missouri Department of Public Safety

The Jefferson City Police department said it works with it's Mid-Missouri departments on several events, and the inauguration, like other events, is a "work in progress."

Cole County Sheriff John Wheeler also confirmed they are involved in the event, saying it is something they have always helped with in the past.

A spokeswoman for Governor Parson said events have been scaled back to help protect the public's health amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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