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SUNDAY UPDATES: Boone County reports 27 new COVID-19 cases

Case numbers of COVID-19 in Missouri on 10-18-20
Case numbers of COVID-19 in Missouri on 10-18-20


UPDATE 7:00 P.M.: The Columbia/Boone County Health Department reported 5,600 COVID-19 cases across the county Sunday.

The department reported 27 new COVID-19 cases.

Out of the total number of cases 416 were active.

On Sunday 80 people were hospitalized with the virus in Boone County hospitals, with 25 people in ICU's.

ORIGINAL: The Department of Health and Senior Services reported 156,696 cases of COVID-19 on Sunday.

The number of cases reported in the state increased by 1,768 from Saturday.

The department also reported two new deaths, bringing the death toll up to 2,582.

The positivity rate in the state increased on Sunday from 19.3% on Saturday to 19.7%.

At least 2,285,067 people have been tested for the virus.

Missouri continues to rank seventh in the nation for new coronavirus cases.

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Sydney Olsen

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  1. Using a test that is completely inadequate for this use, as stated by its inventor on multiple occasions, we are supposed to sacrifice our economic, social, and mental health on the alter of “THE CASES THE CASES THE CASES!!”. Even though using the totals put forth by this article, the deaths in
    Boone County divided by the cases in Boone county gives us an infection fatality rate of 0.0025%, which is far below the rate for ordinary influenza. Given that this demonstrates there are no facts involved in the projection of fear we suffer, this can only be described as a religion, or a cult if you prefer, based on belief and faith. No facts required.

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