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SUNDAY UPDATES: Boone County reports 37 new COVID-19 cases

COVID-19 numbers in Missouri on 10-4
COVID-19 numbers in Missouri on 10-4


UPDATE 7:00 P.M.: The Columbia/Boone County Health Department reported there have been 4,912 cases of COVID as of Sunday.

There are currently 350 active cases.

The health department reported 37 new cases of the virus on Sunday.

The five-day average of cases is at 41.

ORIGINAL: The Department of Health and Senior Services reports there have been 132,431 cases of COVID-19 in Missouri.

There have been 9,022 new cases in the last seven days.

There have been 2,173 deaths related to the virus.

At least 1,916,747 people have been tested for the virus. In the past seven days, 107,309 people were tested. Out of those people who were tested 14% tested positive.

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  1. In Missouri, 2173 deaths divided by 132431 cases gives an infection/mortality rate of 0.016%, well within the parameters of ordinary influenza. For this we sacrifice the livelihoods of our people, and FORCE them at gunpoint to behave as if COVID will kill us all. In case you are shocked by the “at gun point” reference, how else are the mandates enforced than by the threat of violence?

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