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Auditor Nicole Galloway responds to Missouri State Board of Accountancy investigation

Auditor Galloway
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State Auditor Nicole Galloway


Auditor Nicole Galloway is responding to a Missouri State Board of Accountancy investigation that was released on Monday after being filed by Senator Josh Hawley back in February. 

Galloway said Monday during a news conference that Hawley and his staff are resorting to using the government to do their political dirty work. 

This all started on February 6 when Galloway released a report that looked into whether or not former Attorney General Josh Hawley used state resources for political purposes. 

According to a news release, the audit found that there was a connection between political consultants, the Attorney General's use of a state vehicle for political and potential purposes and more. 

Senator Hawley also took action on February 6, submitting a complaint to the Missouri State Board of Accountancy citing that Galloway’s audit was politically motivated. 

According to a news release, Senator Hawley said Galloway had a number of troubling issues with her audit process, like an email detailing the audit team’s plan to alter the report to criticize Senator Hawley and more. 

On Monday, seven months later, the Missouri State Board of Accountancy replied to Hawley saying they would investigate his complaint against Galloway’s audit. 

Senator Hawley tweeted about the investigation today saying “Galloway’s office is case study in corruption.”

While Galloway said in a news conference today she hadn't heard anything for months until a news release from Hawley's staff. 

“It's clear political retaliation for an audit that was conducted with professionalism and by the book,” Galloway said. “Myself and senior year audit staff went before the media and answered every question raised about the signage, senior career audit staff, went to the legislature and answered every question.”

The State Board can only look into problems with how an accountant does their job, and not the state auditor’s objectivity.

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