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Mizzou football coach won’t name starting QB prior to opener


Mizzou football coach Eli Drinkwitz said he will not name a starting quarterback prior to the Tigers opener against Alabama on Sept. 26.

"I’ll just break the news for y’all today," Drinkwitz said during a Zoom news conference on Tuesday. "I ain't announcing it, so don’t worry about it Week One. We ain't telling nobody and everybody is going to have to guess, and it’s going to be used as an advantage for us so there you go - that’s the announcement today."

There are four quarterbacks battling for the starting job during Fall Camp. Shawn Robinson, Connor Bazelak, Taylor Powell and Brady Cook all have a shot to be the Tigers starting QB this season.

Drinkwitz said he's not naming a starting QB in order to make life challenging on MU's first opponent, Alabama.

"The person who’s going to play us first has no idea if they’re going to scout Washington tape, UAB tape, TCU tape, App State tape or NC state tape. They don’t know which quarterback to prepare for or if they’re going to watch high school tape from a kid they don’t know or if they have to watch the Arkansas game from last year, the Georgia game, he TCU game from two years ago. I’m just creating a workload for somebody - so poor GA’s and QC’s."

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