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Mizzou football players feel safe ahead of fall camp


The Mizzou football team will begin preseason practices on Monday, and the players are excited to be back out on the field.

We spoke with linebacker Jamal Brooks, offensive lineman Case Cook and wide out Barrett Banister on Thursday. You can watch the full interviews below.

They all three spoke about encouraging personal responsibility in order to keep everyone on the team healthy and safe.

"I think it’s kind of just a team responsibility," Banister said. "I mean we got to make sure we’re not - I mean you saw Rutgers and all of that. They got a spike in cases cause they went to house parties and stuff like that. You just got to weigh what means more to you I guess."

"Pass up going downtown to Silver Ball, Harpo’s, Ten Below, all the places - pass up on it," Brooks said. "We have a dream. We have a goal in place. As Coach Drinkwitz says - to win the SEC East and a bowl game, we need class, integrity and academic excellence. That’s the mindset."

Offensive lineman Case Cook said he feels safe with MU's COVID-19 protocols in place. He also acknowledged football is always a dangerous sports.

"I personally don’t feel unsafe at all, and I think I’m risking just as much this year as I would any other year in the past," Cook said.

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