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Jefferson City rally wanted response from local law enforcement


A rally in Jefferson City was held on Friday to bring community members together to support injustice and change.

Hans Overton, the rally organizer, said he brought the rally to the Jefferson City Police Department as JCPD has yet to make any comments about George Floyd’s death or other injustices in the community.

Police said that they were contacted by Overton about the rally, but did not anticipate any violence or foresee there being any issues.  

Overton said Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin did make a statement at the Jefferson city council meeting Monday, but the community didn't know about it.

At the beginning of the meeting, Tergin said she would continue praying for the family of George Floyd. She said Jefferson City would continue to grow the positive connection between the police officers and the community and continue to strive for more engagement. A video of that meeting is posted on the city's Facebook page.

Overton said violence is not the answer in these rallies.

“Violence is gonna push a bigger wedge in between the Jefferson City Police Department,” Overton said. “And we in the community who care about issues like this so violence if you intend to do any violence, we don't want you here.”

Overton said if JCPD joined the rally it may say something,  but nothing is going to change until the mentality is changed.

“Until you get rid of that blue wall of silence and police officers start tearing on each other when they see injustice is being done to people in the community,” Overton said. “That's what they can do.”

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Amber Tabeling

Amber Tabeling

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