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State issues seven marijuana licenses in Columbia, two in Jefferson City


The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services released the results of the more than 1,200 applications for medical marijuana dispensaries Friday.

Per state statute, the department approved 192 licenses to dispensary facilities Thursday, 24 for each of Missouri eight congressional districts.

Below is a map showing the facilities in mid-Missouri that received a license.

DHSS approved 23 dispensaries in Mid-Missouri.

Lyndall Fraker, director of the DHSS Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation, told ABC 17 News the department must complete a compliance check at approved cultivation sites before the growing process can begin.

Fraker said Thursday that these establishments could have the drug available as early as April or May.

The state health department has approved licenses for infused product facilities, cultivation facilities, transportation facilities and marijuana testing facilities.

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Joe McLean

Joe reports stories all across mid-Missouri, including our WasteBusters series of reports, and co-anchors ABC 17 News at 9 a.m. with Zara Barker.

Matt Ragsdale

Matt Ragsdale is a broadcast and digital producer at ABC 17 News.



    1. I did mine online with prestodoctor emailed my medical paperwork for an autoimmune disease I have and did a video call on my phone with a real doctor the next day told him my symptoms In a 15 minute interview and he emailed me the paperwork to file with the state

  1. The addresses and business names in this article, do no agree with the names of the businesses when looking at Google maps. It appears that the info in this story, is totally incorrect and inaccurate. Shangri-La Jefferson LLC at 1417 Missouri Blvd. does not exist. Missouri Health & Wellness LLC at 1404 Missouri Blvd. does not exist either. This story needs some serious editing and correcting. I think a journalist should do a better job than this.

    1. Perhaps Google Maps hasn’t been updated recently enough to accurately show the new businesses or newly built buildingz. The businesses mentioned were just recently granted rights to be a business scca o it may take time for Goodle Maps to catch up. H as ve you been to these addresses in person? Just an idea.

    2. I will second that, however the shangra Li buissiness is a local LLC I am pretty sure. I have heard of them maybe to do with “We Be Smoking” or “Up in Smoke”?

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