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Programming Note: Changes to FOX 22 signal


Work continues at The Networks of Mid Missouri broadcast facility and it will affect our viewers of channels 17 and 22 Monday night and for the next few days.

The FCC is requiring us to make long term technical changes to channel 22 because of interference concerns with stations in other markets.

Immediately following Monday's late news, channel 17 will go off the air for less than an hour as the work begins. Channel 22 is expected to go off the air at the time and remain off until sometime Wednesday.

You can continue to watch FOX 22 KQFX by tuning in 17.4 over the air.

Your cable and satellite providers have been notified as well and are making the proper adjustments to continue to deliver FOX 22 to you uninterrupted.

Channels 22.2 through 22.5 will be off the air for the entire project. Once the project is complete, it's advised that you scan your television again to get channel 22.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for watching The Networks of Mid-Missouri.

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Katie Greathouse

Katie Greathouse is the assistant news director for ABC 17 News.



  1. Channel 22.4 and other sub-channels actually went off the air SUNDAY NIGHT (Jan. 05th) – black screen and “no signal” message no matter how i adjusted my antenna from that point in time forward, so i presumed a problem on your end. I look forward to 22.4 being restored.

    getting several HTML errors on screens including this one

  2. Rescanned for channels still cant pick up any of the 22 channels i have repositioned my antenna multiple times and cant pick them up neither can my father who lives 5 miles from the broadcast tower. Is there something else we need to do.

    1. If you can call 573-449-1700 during regular business hours an engineer could talk to you and possibly help. I can tell you that odd atmospheric conditions today are causing a lot of interference so you might have better luck in the morning.

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