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How to prepare for getting stranded in your car during the winter


As winter weather is heading toward Mid-Missouri this weekend, experts say travelers need to be prepared for an emergency in case they get stranded in their car during a snowstorm.

Nick Charbarria, spokesperson for AAA says, "during the winter time in general your vehicle can run into any number os iffiest whether that be from, issues with your tires, issues with your battery or just your engine in general. "

It's best to stay off of the roads during a winter storm but at times that can be unavoidable. If you do have to hit the roads it's a good idea to be aware of the conditions and to be prepared for the dangers of being stranded in your vehicle for a long period of time.

To be prepared for an emergency it's smart to have an emergency supply kit prepared and in the trunk.

Items to include in your emergency supply kit are:

  • Cell phone charger
  • First-aid kit
  • Jumper cables
  • Spare tire
  • Sand or cat litter
  • Blankets
  • Snow shovel and brush
  • Flashlight
  • Water, snacks
  • Gloves, hat, boots

Charbarria says,"having things like a snow shovel and sand or kitty litter what you can do is put that underneath your tires in the snow, that will help you gain traction in case you do slide off and need to get out of a ditch or whatever it might be."

During the winter season you should never let your gas tank get below a half tank, according to experts. If you are stranded and are trying to stay warm, AAA recommends turning your car on every hour and letting it run for 10 minutes. While trying to stay warm you have to remember that you will need gas to get moving again and to make it to the next station to fill up. It's important to remember to conserve fuel.

AAA also recommends if you are running your vehicle and it is snowing to make sure snow is not blocking the exhaust pipe because that can cause carbon monoxide to leak into the car.

When clearing snow off your vehicle it's important to make sure your vehicle is completely cleared off so you can see outside of your windows. Also, make sure the top of the vehicle is cleared off so the snow does not fall off while you are driving, putting other drivers in danger.

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