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Boone Hospital Center starts vaccinating its employees

Boone Hospital Center
Boone Hospital Center


Boone Hospital Center began vaccinating its frontline workers Thursday morning just before 8 a.m.

The hospital said they plan on vaccinating around 300 employees on Thursday and have 900 workers by Monday.

Cindy Bracht, a registered nurse at the hospital, and cardiologist Jerry Kinnett were among the first employees to receive the vaccine Thursday morning.

Both reported that they felt fine, and neither experienced any immediate side effects from the shot.

Bracht got choked up when talking about the vacccine.

Kinnett followed up and said "you can see that our nurses spend day after day in a very high risk situation." Bracht later said the vaccine gives her hope.

Employees are required to fill out paperwork that asks them if they've contracted COVID-19, among other questions.

After paperwork is filed, employees can sign up for a time to get a shot. Reminders will be sent when employees are required to get the second dose.

Kinnett said that he is hopeful the general population can begin the vaccination process in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, Bracht said it's vital to continue to wear a mask, socially distance and do everything you can to slow the spread.

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