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Valentine’s Day

The history of St. Valentine’s Day

By Toby Shaw Across the world on February 14th, many flowers, cards and gifts will be exchanged between loved ones, as St. Valentine’s day is celebrated. However, the story of why we celebrate this day is a bit of a mystery. The tradition of St. Valentine’s Day mixes elements of both ancient Roman rites and Christian

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Homemade Valentine’s Day gift ideas

As Valentine’s Day approaches, consider going to the craft store instead of the card store and making your own Valentines. Consider some of these ideas to be creative this Valentine’s Day. Bookmarks: Make your Valentine into a bookmark he or she can use all year to think of you. Bracelets: People of all ages like

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First date mistakes to avoid

First dates can be a lot like dentist appointments: They seem like a good idea when you are making them, but when the time actually comes, you find yourself thinking of a dozen and one ways to get out of them. This is mostly because first dates can just be so incredibly awkward. Chances are

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