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The Dog Days of Summer: Pet Safety in a Changing Climate

As we head into the warmer seasons with more time to get out and enjoy the sun, you'll want to remember to check in on your furry friend. With sweltering days ahead, just think if you had an extra layer of fur on all summer long! That's the experience for our pets each day, and they may have to deal with even more hot days in the future.

It doesn't take much for the heat outdoors to become dangerous for pets, and you. Even spring days can easily reach the 70s and that can send pavement temperatures to the triple digits. When the air temperature reaches 77 degrees, asphalt soars to near 125 degrees, which can burn human skin and unprotected pet paws. During the summer, when days are regularly above the mid-80s, pavement becomes scorching.

More of these stifling days are in store for the future as well. Over the last half-century in Columbia, the number of days above that 77-degree mark has increased by over two weeks. This means it's more important than ever to take care of your furry companions.

There are some easy ways to help out your pets as the seasons get warmer. Always have plenty of water handy and try to get in walks during the early or late part of the day. If you're out in the heat, find a nice shaded area for your pet to take breaks. Slipping a few ice cubes in their water is also a great way to help them cool off! It's important to never leave a pet in a car, as temperatures in the cabin can reach the triple digits within 10 minutes if highs are only in the 80s. Remembering these tips will help you and your furry friends have a fun and safe time out in the sun.

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