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MORE SIGNS OF SPRING: Snow geese flight on radar

Earlier this week talked about signs of an early spring popping up across parts of the country. We're getting more signs here in the midwest.

A tweet by the St. Louis National Weather Service featured a radar loop showing what looked like rain, was actually a flock of migratory waterfowl, most likely snow geese.

We took a closer look with our weather equipment. There was a very clear indication these birds taking off from Carlyle Lake in rural southwest Illinois around 5:00pm and coming to roost around 7:00pm.

This is something very common, especially this time of year. Our radar's don't just pick up on precipitation, they can detect all kinds of different objects in the sky.

In this case, migratory snow geese. These birds tend to work towards the gulf coast states and Mexico in the winter. They slowly build their way back north through the late winter and early spring.

Perhaps the warm start which has led to early leafing in the southeast has them up north ahead of schedule as well.

By summertime, these geese can be found throughout the northern parts of Canada.

Several mid-Missourians have sent us photos of these birds flying in formation across the area! If you see something like this, don't be afraid to send us your photos!

You can send them to us through the Stormtrack Weather App, our share page or on our social media platforms!



Luke Victor

Luke Victor gives forecasts on ABC 17 News broadcasts and reports on weather stories on air and online, giving viewers and readers a deeper look at what causes different types of weather.


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