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Ways to keep a car safe during hail storms


April through July are the peak months for hail in Missouri according to the National Weather Center.

Hail comes in many sizes but when hail is an inch or bigger, the storm then is classified as a severe thunderstorm and ABC 17 will issue a Weather Alert Day.

The best course of action to prevent hail damage to vehicles is to park in a garage, or under a building.

However, when that is not possible, AAA Spokesperson Nick Chabarria says, "So, some other option would include if you parked next to a tall building and put your vehicle on the opposite wall of where the storm is coming from."

Chabarria also said that "wrapping your vehicle in heavy blankets and making sure to tape those blankets down" is another way to protect your car.

Chabarria said it's important to tape the blankets down to prevent wind from blowing them away.

Mike Messer is an insurance agent with Shelter Insurance in Columbia, and he said that the only way to ensure that your vehicle is covered by insurance is to make sure you have comprehensive coverage.

"Comprehensive is everything else that could happen with that vehicle and hail and weather-related events," Messer said that speaking with your agent and finding out whether or not you have comprehensive coverage, is the only way to determine whether or not you are covered in the event of hail.

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