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Insider Blog: The factors that are bringing flooding to the southeast coast

Coastal communities dealt with flood waters over the weekend that have a complicated origin story.

One of the underlying causes of this weekend's flooding is the ocean's tide.

The highest of the year -- the tide behind the rising water is often called a king tide. It comes when the position of the earth, moon, and sun provide the right circumstances for water to crest higher than usual at high tide.

But this time, there is complicating factor at play... a low pressure system just off the Carolina Coast.

Strong northeasterly winds wrapping around the western side of this system have pulled extra water towards the shore, adding to the already high tide, and any extra water from the system's heavy rains.

These factors are all working together to bring communities flooding that would rival that of a much more potent storm, and triggering Coastal flood warnings from the Carolinas to Florida.

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