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Insider Blog: Recent severe weather a reminder to always have more than one way of receiving alerts

Some Pettis County residents voiced concerns over the timeliness of tornado sirens during Sunday's storms.

The ABC 17 StormTrack Weather Team was tracking the storm that spawned two EF-0 Tornadoes on the outskirts of Sedalia on Sunday.

This particular storm developed rotation rather quickly. Shortly after the storm started showing signs of rotation, the National Weather Service issued a Tornado Warning at 4:57 pm. Residents say there was a delay in the sirens sounding after the warning.

This is when you would expect to hear tornado sirens, so let's dive into who manages them.

They are typically controlled by local officials with no set standard. These systems are also not often automated, creating a natural delay in the siren's wail. In addition, outdoor sirens are only intended to convey a warning to those outdoors of impending danger, not information about the danger.

Simply put, your best bet is to not rely on tornado sirens in the event of severe weather. Pay attention to the forecast, and always have more than one way of receiving alerts.

One of the best ways to stay alert is a NOAA Weather Radio. You can set it and forget it. You can also download the ABC 17 StormTrack Weather App, which is especially helpful on the go.

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