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Severe weather remains a threat this time of year

This time last year, the Storm Track Weather Team was talking about the first snow of the season. Now, we're discussing severe storms.

While spring may be our traditional severe weather season, favorable set ups for severe weather can also be found here in autumn.

The Jetstream plays a large role in this. In fall, the northern hemisphere tilts further away from the sun. When that happens, the jet stream tends to meander further south, bringing colder air into contact with previously existing warm - moisture laden air.

Central Missouri is no stranger to setups like these. We've seen large and damaging tornadoes well into fall. In the last three decades, we've seen multiple.

More recently, a tornado formed just weeks ago, doing damage just north of St. Louis, outside of Wrights Illinois. The storm was enough to spur reports of damage to both vehicles and structures.

With all of this said, there are things you can do to make sure you're prepared this late into the year. First, know where to go in the event of inclement weather. Second, ensure your NOAA weather radio is on and functioning. Lastly, it's important keep your emergency kit and contact list up to date.

It's important to always have two ways of receiving alerts. In addition to your NOAA Weather Radio, download the ABC 17 StormTrack Weather App.

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