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Tracking near record highs with late week showers

Today: Monday afternoon will be clear and breezy with wind gusts into the upper 20's. Highs will climb to 92 degrees in Columbia placing Central Missouri just one degree cooler than the previous record set in 1897.

Tonight: Winds begin to calm down remaining out of the south cooling us down to the mid-'60s with clear skies.

Extended: Tuesday will be our last day sitting in the '90s this week as a low-pressure system begins to move in Wednesday afternoon bringing showers that will become more scattered heading into Friday. Temperatures cool to the mid to lower '80s for the afternoon highs Thursday and Friday. Skies are partly cloudy this upcoming weekend cooling to the upper '70s.

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Chance Gotsch

Chance Gotsch grew up just south of St. Louis and moved to Columbia to attend the University of Missouri to pursue a degree in Atmospheric Sciences.

His interest in weather begin as a child when he used to be afraid of storms. Years later, he purchased a weather forecasting book and weather station at his elementary Scholastic Book Fair. After reading into the hows and whys of atmospheric science, he quickly became interested and gained his new passion.

Chance joined the ABC17 Stormtrack Weather Team in February of 2021. He is currently the weekend afternoon forecaster.


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