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Weather Alert Day: Dangerous near-record heat continues into Friday

The ABC 17 Stormtrack Weather Team has issued a Weather Alert Day as high temperatures reach near-record marks again on Friday. The National Weather Service issued a Heat Advisory for all of Mid-Missouri until Friday night.


Upper level high pressure has been responsible for warmer than average temperatures for more than a week for Mid-Missouri and the western half of the country. We have been unseasonably dry under this ridge, and temperatures are expected to get hotter by the end of the week as it moves east.


High dew points in the upper 60s in combination with air rising air temperatures will allow heat indices to rise into the 100-105 degree range again on Friday. Air temperatures will reach between 96-99, meaning it will be unsafe to be outdoors for long periods of time. The record high in Columbia on Friday is 100 degrees, set back in 1953.


Temperatures warm quickly on both days, so avoid spending long periods of time in the sun and save any strenuous exercise or activity for dawn or dusk on both days. Stay well hydrated if you do have to be exposed to the heat, and check on elderly neighbors as temperatures rise. Wear light colored and loose fitting clothing to prevent overheating. Avoid walking your pets during the heat of the day as it's harder for them to cool down, and pavement temperatures could cause injuries to their paws quickly. If you can't bring them inside, make sure they have a cool, shaded area to rest along with plenty of cold water to keep them safe and hydrated. Always check the back seat and never leave pets or children unattended in cars on warm or hot days as the temperature inside can become deadly in a matter of a few minutes.

Temperatures drop about 10 degrees by Saturday as a cold front moves south across the region.

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Jessica Hafner

Jessica Hafner returned to ABC 17 News as chief meteorologist in 2019 after working here under Sharon Ray from 2014 to 2016.


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