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Freezing fog possible this morning-what is it?

It's a pretty rare occurrence but can happen every now and then. It's exactly what it sounds like: fog that has developed in freezing temperatures.

Dense Fog Advisory in effect until 10:00 am

Fog is bad enough to deal with on the roadways, reducing how far in front you can see. But the added complication of not being able to stop if you hit a patch of ice doubles the dangers this morning.

Here are some driving safety tips in fog

But doesn't water freeze at 32°...

If it's at that mark for long enough it will. However, a water droplet needs something to freeze on. When it doesn't have that, it can remain in what's called a supercooled phase.

Fog is nothing more than suspended liquid water droplets near the surface. It can develop in temperatures below freezing, leading to these supercooled water droplets being suspended in the air. When they come in contact with something that is below freezing, it will freeze on contact.

Why do we always start with bridges and overpasses?

Take it slow out on the roads this morning! Plan on a handful of extra minutes to not only defrost your windshield if you park outside, but to offset any slowdowns on the roads.

We'll keep you up to date with the latest road conditions and any changes to the forecast all morning long on ABC 17 News This Morning again at 9:00. Make sure you have that Stormtrack Weather App to keep up with the latest conditions where you are going!

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