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Insider Blog: Hurricane Teddy producing huge waves along the East Coast, in the Atlantic

As Hurricane Teddy exits warm, tropical waters and moves pole-ward to the north, the storm has grown immensely. Winds near the center of this storm continue to range between 90 to 100 mph.

Due to Teddy's immense size, it has a huge influence on the ocean around it. Wave data this morning indicated wave heights of 25-50 feet! While waves this high aren't terrible uncommon with a storm of this structure, the size and scope of that wave height is a little more rare.

An area of over 700,000 square miles is recording waves of at least 25 feet. Closer to the center, wave heights of 50+ feet are reported!

For reference, this is that same wave area overlaid on top of the center of the nation! It's a HUGE swath of surf which is battering New England with wave heights of 10-20 feet near the coastline.

Trying to put those wave heights into perspective is even more harrowing. Take a city block like Broadway in downtown Columbia for example-- waves of this magnitude would engulf most of the builds in that stretch!

An impressive storm system no doubt!

An direct landfall of Teddy on the U.S. not expected. Wind and surf warnings remain in place from Maine, through the New York coastline.


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