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Great spots to go leaf-watching in Missouri this year

Whether you're a long-time resident of Missouri or a new transplant, an exciting time of year is ahead. The Fall foliage season is upon us with dots of color already popping up in many communities.

As we head into the next couple of weeks, these beautiful views will only get more vibrant. Missouri's wide variety of deciduous vegetation provides some of the most terrific leaf-watching sights in the nation!

Drives and "dives" to take in MO

Are you looking for the best places to go in Missouri? I managed to catalogue a few spots and highway drives you can take across the state that provide some of the best views!

The "loop" from HWY 54 through the Lake of the Ozarks, to HWY 65 and the connection HWY 52 are a great drive to take... the rolling hills and bluffs make for beautiful contrast against the colorful leaves.

HWY 94 along the Missouri river in "wine country" provide great views too. Grand Bluffs along HWY 94, just before Rhineland, Missouri provide a great aerial view of the river bottom... good for getting wide panoramic shots. A similar observation sight can be found at Eagle Bluffs in southwest Boone County.

Spots in mid-Missouri are below

Pinch phone screen to zoom in on these maps

And one for the dedicated!

There are drives you can take that are a look more of a jog, but can provide some pretty great views as well. HWY 79 from Hannibal to the Chesterfield Valley near St. Louis provide an excellent view along the Mississippi River.

HWY 19 which traverses Gasconade and Crawford county will lead you into the Mark Twain National Forest. If you continue the drive along several other routes to the south, you'll eventually make it to Tom Sauk mountain, Missouri's highest peak at 1,772 ft.

This area has several trails, overlooks and places to camp if you want to make a weekend out of it!

For those looking for a longer drive...

Pinch phone screen to zoom in on these maps

As always, if you see a beautiful view this fall, you can send it to ABC 17! You can download the Stormtrack Weather App and send it that way, or e-mail us at


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