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NOAA calling for an above average Atlantic hurricane season

As if 2020 wasn't causing enough problems...

This morning, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released their official forecast for the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season.

Much like 2020... it's not great news.

They're forecasting an above average hurricane season this year and if that comes to pass, it will be the fifth year in a row that we've exceeded the average for tropical activity in the Atlantic.

Plenty of big names come into play over that time frame... Harvey, Michael, Florence... Many different impacts felt, from flooding, to extreme winds and massive storm surge.

We're off to a quick start in 2020. Arthur already in the books as the first named storm. Did your name make it?

Here are how many named storms they are expecting:

Take this into account...

This forecast is for TOTAL named storms that form. NOT how many are expected to impact land. Unfortunately, it's impossible to tell at this time scale.

Whether or not this season is remembered, at least in the public eye, largely hinges on how many storms end up making landfall.

With the problems 2020 has caused us, the absolute last thing anyone needs is a land-falling hurricane. NOAA outlines what steps need to be taken in how coastal states will need to prepare differently for hurricanes amid the COVID-19 pandemic.



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