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Super Flower Moon lights up the sky tonight

What is a "Super Flower Moon"???

A "Super Flower Moon" is set to blossom across mid-Missouri tonight. The name is actually because the we'll be seeing two different moons.

The Supermoon comes from a phenomenon that describes the position of the moon relative to the earth. When the moon's orbit takes it closest to the earth, it makes the moon appear larger and brighter.

The Flower Moon part is a bit easier to understand-- it's a full moon in the month of May. The reason it's called a flower moon is because flowers have typically started their blooming process by now.

"How can I see it?"

The best time to get out and view this phenomenon is an hour after sunset and an hour before sunrise. You'll either need to get out between 9pm-10pm or be up extra early tomorrow around 5am.

Clouds shouldn't be a major issues this evening, but better viewing conditions will be tomorrow morning, with clouds cleared out.

You can share your photos of the Super Flower Moon with ABC 17! Happy viewing!


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