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Earth Day turns 50 and COVID-19’s influence on global pollution levels

Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, first celebrated in 1970. What started as a small grassroots movement turned into thousands of communities, schools and universities, totaling over 20 million Americans.

The event began as a way to raise global awareness and improve environmental consciousness following the industrial revolution of the late 1800's/early 1900's.

The COVID(-19) connection

What's typically celebrated by groups gathering together, has been shunted by the coronavirus outbreak. According to thousands gathered digitally today in order to celebrate Earth Day.

Many reports show that this pandemic could also be shaping the way the energy industry is perceived.

According to a report from IQair, air quality has dramatically improved across many major cities across the globe due to the decrease in vehicle traffic. Environmental experts are pointing to this as a potential turning point energy debate.

Being able to see the effect of reduction of carbon emissions in real-time may give us a better idea of how effective cleaner energy could be in the future.

It's impossible to say today whether these types of changes will be permanent.

However, it gives hope that an even cleaner world is possible.


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