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Flash freezing could lead to very icy roads Thursday morning

Meteorologists typically warn of slick roads the morning following a snow event, but what we'll see tonight is a little more rare.

With today's steady rain and snowfall, many roads and sidewalks have become a slushy mess.

A very strong cold front is set to crash through the region overnight. This will not only dramatically increase winds, but will bring a very quick drop in temperatures... so fast that even roads that have been treated may not have time to see excess moisture evaporate.

With the sharply dropping temperatures and gusty winds, a phenomenon called flash freezing will be possible.

Flash freezing occurs when leftover water and slush on roads not only freezes over night, but freezes very quickly before water and the slush can melt off or evaporate. This can essentially turn roads into an ice rink.

Because this freezing process happens much quicker, there's a more widespread opportunity for slick road conditions.

Even with sunshine tomorrow, temperatures will remain very cold and widespread issues could remain into the late-morning hours.


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