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Parts of mid-Missouri experienced 250% of normal precipitation since early January

It's no surprise.

Ever since the start of the new year, winter hasn't been kind to mid-Missouri. It's been cloudy, wet, snowy and everything in between. I'm sure we're all done with the muddy shoes, muddy paws and our yards resembling more of a wet sponge, than ground and grass.

When you look at the numbers, parts of mid-Missouri have seen precipitation 250% of normal since January 10th. Most of mid-Missouri is seeing 150-180% of normal.

Since the start of winter, Columbia Regional Airport has seen just over 6.5" of rainfall. This makes the 2019-2020 winter so far the 6th wettest that we've seen. That's pretty remarkable considering the past 30 days have been even wetter just off to the east.

If this streak continues, we may end up in the top 10 wettest winters in the location's history.

This is all obviously bad news for the upcoming spring. We can only hope that long-term trends point to a drier spring. Unfortunately, climatologically-speaking, we're still headed to the wettest months of the year-- the wettest being in May.

No breaks expected this week with our next winter storm on the way.


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