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WEATHER ALERT DAY BLOG: Tracking the cold and snow for Halloween week

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ABC 17 News


We've been receiving reports of black ice with some road temperatures slipping below freezing. Problems areas will be on bridges and overpasses as well as some on and off ramps. Especially further northwest in Mid-Missouri, where we're seeing the coldest road temperatures.


Now that the heavier of the snow is working out of Mid-Missouri, our focus turns to the roads and the cold. Temperatures right now starting out the morning in the upper 20s and low 30s has helped some roads drop below freezing, but in the next few hours, we expect the roads to become clear of any light accumulations that may have fallen overnight. Ground temperatures below the roads are in the 40s so eventually they'll win out but beware of lingering slick spots on those bridges and overpasses. For a detailed reason why we're more concerned with bridges: Science Behind Bridges

Sunshine will likely make a return this afternoon, so get those pretty snow pictures early and feel free to share them here, because the snow will melt quickly today. Temperatures be cold all day and fall into the low 20s tonight, with wind chills in the teens by daybreak tomorrow.

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  1. I am not sure the website changes you have made to the “Weather” tab are good. For example, you can no longer easily locate the doppler radar. I did manage to find it by clicking on the bars beside the ABC17 logo.

    When I did find the doppler radar, I noted that you have eliminated the other views, such as clouds, lightning, winds, etc. I found those to be VERY helpful, and can only hope you plan to include them again! Thank you for listening.

  2. I couldn’t find the radar either. I depend on the radar to decide what time I will have my classes start. I am having to go to Channel 8 now. I did see Phillip’s post but I couldn’t find it by the bars.

    So far I don’t like any of the updates.
    When you read the information about the weather you can’t decide what week they are talking about, current or upcoming.

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