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Interview with Jack Truman, Democratic candidate for the Fourth Congressional District


Jack Truman is a Democrat seeking political office for the first time.

And he's doing it in the sprawling, largely rural and conservative Fourth Congressional District.

The district is open this election after incumbent Republican Vicky Hartzler said she would not seek reelection, opting instead for a failed bid for U.S. Senate.

Truman labels himself a "liberal conservative" who is running a virtual, self-funded campaign.

Marissa Hollowed: Can you tell our viewers a little bit about yourself?

Jack Truman: Sure, absolutely. I am. A little bit about my background. I'm a 35-year veteran in the entertainment industry. That's been my primary background. I'm also a former college professor and a veteran. So those are some basic things about me. A couple other quick things is I consider myself what you call a liberal conservative. Most people don't know what that is. But basically, it's a person who, who's open to both sides. I'm very liberal and open-minded based on my entertainment background. But I come from southwest Missouri, here in the Ozarks, and have very conservative roots. So I think that really qualifies me to be open-minded to both sides, and to best represent all the people.

Hollowed: You're running a virtual self-funded campaign. Why are you doing this?

Truman: That's a good question. Basically. It's because of the coronavirus. The times that we're in, it's forcing a lot of us to live in a digital world. And I really believe that that's the direction that our country is heading. We're heading toward a virtual world. So it's really fitting that this is happening for me this way.

I'm doing a virtual because I have personal and religious beliefs where I don't believe in taking a vaccine. So I'm not vaccinated. So for the residents' health and safety, I think this is best for them for this to be virtual. At the same time. This is self-funded. Because I'm really running a campaign that's for the people. I don't think politics should be all about money. I think people should keep their money. Times are tough. We're living in hard times right now, just filling up gas, buying groceries. So if people need to use their money, they should use it for themselves in their family. They shouldn't be using it for politics. So those are some basic reasons like President Truman said, I believe the buck stops here, even though I'm not related to him.

Hollowed: Why do you think this is a district that can be flipped?

Truman: I really like that question. Because I really think with the times we're living in, it can be flipped. Right now, so many things are going on. Before Vicky, Vicki Hartzler was our representative, this was a Democratic stronghold, Ike Skelton was our rep for over 35 years. And so I believe with the, with certain issues like gun control, protecting a woman's right to choose, there's so many issues right now that are hot with Americans that I believe it's going to open people's minds and make them turn to the other side. And I think with this being a midterm, too, I think a lot of people that normally don't vote will want to get out and let their voice be heard. And I think that gives me a really good shot at helping flip this district.

Hollowed: You really talk about representing real people's interests in Washington. How exactly would you do that?

Truman: One way I would do that is I would be open-minded to both sides. I think that's one thing politicians don't do. Like I said before, well, not a politician. I have no political experience. I just want to best serve the people the best way I can. I'm just a regular person. Just making a regular income like other people. So I think, I think with how the times are, we need to get politicians and money outside of Washington. We need to get regular people in government who best represent the people and with being a liberal conservative, I think I can best represent both sides. I can listen to both sides and be open-minded and try to help both sides the best way that I can. I think that really sets me apart from my competitor.

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