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Police investigating a vehicle theft and single-vehicle collision with injury


Columbia Police are investigating a vehicle theft and single-vehicle collision with injury that occurred Saturday afternoon near the intersection of North Stadium Boulevard and Primrose Drive.

Around 11 a.m., officers observed a passenger vehicle on Texas Avenue. They determined it was the same vehicle reported stolen at 6:20 a.m. in the 4000 block of Ria Street.

There was a brief pursuit that ended when the vehicle left the roadway at the intersection of North Stadium Boulevard and Primrose Drive.

The Columbia Fire Department and emergency medical services responded to the scene to provide medical aid to the two inside the stolen car, a Chrysler 200.

One was identified as Thomas Nida, 18 of Columbia and the second occupant was a juvenile. Both were taken by officers to a local hospital for medical evaluation and the juvenile has since been released to parents.

Nida was arrested for tampering in the second degree.

Police say this is an ongoing investigation and more information will be provided at a later time.

Erika McGuire


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  1. This is a clasic example of great police work by the Columbia Police Department. From the police scanner:

    Officer to Dispatch: “Believe I might be behind a stolen vehicle. I’m going westbound on Vandiver towards Providence. I’ll get a registration when you are ready to copy.…Oklahoma registration XXXXXX. Can you check with 1 Paul 42 to see if that’s their vehicle (that was stolen earlier in the day)?”

    Not related. Dispatcher: “Any female officer to asist at CPD booking.” Columbia is a liberal town. I wonder if a biological male officer who identifies as female could do this?

    Officer: “Updated location. We are at the light at Providence and Vandiver getting ready to go southbound.”

    Dispatcher: “Received. That plate XXXXXX does not show to be a stolen vehicle. Just FYI.” That’s right, the license plate was not even in the computer yet. Who needs license plate scanners and fancy in car computer systems (that frequently don’t work) when you have good communication and alert officers on patrol stopping real crimes? Think how much safer Columbia would be with the appropriate number of officers on patrol.

    Officer: “Copy. Could you try to get ahold of 1 Paul 42. I know they took a stolen Chrysler 200 this morning that had Oklahoma plates.”

    Before the officer could even turn on the lights to stop the stollen car the thugs got nervous and speed off: “Pursuit! Westbound Texas. Speed approximately 50 MPG (the posted speed limit is 30 MPH).”

    10:57 am. Dispatch: Three alert tones, “All officers, CPD2 is restricted…”

    Officer: “They almost hit a vehicle.” A second officer follows behind to call the pursuit on the radio.

    Second officer: “Still westbound, light traffic, speeds now 70s. We are pasing the armory and Cosmo Park.”

    Police Sergeant, always safety conscious, radios to ask “What are the charges?” Officer replies it is a stolen vehicle. I am surprised the Sergeant did not order the pursuit to be terminated.

    Officer: “They wrecked out. They wrecked out. Start fire and medics. Rollover, Rollover.” Inexperienced driver went too fast for the 90-degree turn.

    Officers went to check on the occupants of the vehicle. “He is responsive now. I am not going to move him until fire and medics get here.” None of the stollen vehicle occupants felt like getting their exercise in a foot pursuit.

    11:04 am, Officer to Dispatch: “Let Fire know we are going to need extrication. Vehicle is on the driver side in a ditch. Heavy damage and he is pinned.”

    11:11 am, Sergeant asks Dispatch: “Do we have a City traffic unit working?” Of course, the answer is no. This is Columbia, what does he expect, adequate police staffing?

    Well done CPD. This is almost as good as the time you found the gun hidden in the bushes after the Wal-mart and Hy-Vee gun battle, and waited for the bad guy’s accomplice to come and get it, only to arrest them too. LOL.

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