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Is it safe to mix COVID and flu vaccines?

Columbia, Mo. (KMIZ.)

There's been growing conversation comparing the COVID-19 vaccine and flu vaccination.

Some people may wonder if it's safe to get both vaccines. Others wonder if they receive the flu vaccine could it reduce their risks of catching COVID.

After speaking with an MU Health Care doctor, ABC 17 News found out that it is best to receive both the COVID-19 vaccination and flu vaccine to prevent catching the virus.

Dr. Margaret Day with MU Health care said you can even get the flu and COVID-19 shots on the same day.

"I personally did that uh and it went fine. So that is okay to do. You really can get your COVID and flu vaccine on the same day if you wish", Dr. Day said.

According to the Department of Health, positive flu cases in Missouri actually decreased this year compared to 2020 data.

Officials with Columbia-Boone County Health Services said strategies such as wearing a mask, staying home when your sick helped keep the flu numbers down.

Sara Humm with Columbia Boone County Health said, "You know those are risk mitigation efforts that are great for any sort of virus uh that could be transmitted from person to person. So some of those things certainly could be contributed to what we might see this flu season".

Missouri has also seen a drop in COVID-19 numbers the past few months.

"Since about mid-September, we've seen a pretty steady decrease in positive cases of COVID, so um that's really good news. But of course, we're still encouraging those risk mitigation efforts to try to keep those numbers down," Humm said.

With the fall season in front of us, health officials are keeping a close eye on the influenza virus as well. Medical residents are encouraging the community to get a flu shot this year along with a COVID-vaccine.

Lastly, it's important to know a flu vaccine is not going to help prevent you from getting COVID. You must get each vaccine to prevent catching the virus.

"So when we're comparing flu and COVID um you know we look at a little bit of different things there because they're not the same. There different viruses. The vaccines treat different things", Humm said.

Kennedy Miller



  1. “the large decrease in flu numbers has to do with people taking more precautions to prevent catching COVID-19”. Seriously? Then why did the COVID numbers not go down at the same time?

  2. In order to determine the COVID and flu vaccines are safe taken together, we would have to know the COVID vaccines are safe. With ZERO long term testing, that’s impossible. In the near term they have the worst adverse event record of any vaccine ever allowed to remain available.

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