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Hate groups spotted in U.S. Capitol riot have Missouri chapters


Hate groups researchers say they have spotted at the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot have chapters in Missouri, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The SPLC says it has identified more than a dozen groups it classifies as hate groups in Missouri, including groups that hold white supremacist views or are affiliated with white supremacist organizations. Among them is the Proud Boys, a group the SPLC says identifies as "Western chauvinist," but affiliates with white supremacist groups. The SPLC lists the group as having a Kansas City chapter in Missouri.

The SPLC defines a hate group as one that "has beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics." The map of Missouri includes 21 different organizations, some characterized as "anti-Muslim," "white nationalist" or "Black separatist."

None of them appear to have chapters in mid-Missouri. Federal prosecutors have not announced any charges for Missourians tied to a hate group in connection with the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol.

Images from the Jan. 6 riot show some rioters openly displaying hateful views. That includes Robert Packer, the Virginia man seen wearing a "Camp Auschwitz" hoodie in the Capitol.

Michael Hayden, a researcher at the SPLC, says many of these groups will work together in planning, organizing and putting on events.

“These groups are absolutely working within one another, working among one another in order to plot terrorism," Hayden said. "That is demonstrable. So based upon that it’s critical to start looking at the infrastructure of the groups."

David Cunningham, a sociology professor at Washington University who studies hate groups, said various groups will often feel emboldened to speak and show themselves publicly if they feel it is safe for them to do so. Cunningham pointed to some of President Donald Trump's policies and statements on issues such as immigration for creating such an environment.

“I think certainly since Trump was elected and we’ve seen him in office, obviously, there’s been a pronounced shift in mainstream political discourse that has really allowed ideas not inconsistent with the ideas of white supremacists to be aired publicly," Cunningham said.

While President Trump has condemned the activity of hate groups in the past, some have criticized him for not doing so quickly enough or strongly enough following violent protests.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said troopers work on federal task forces dedicated to monitoring and preventing violence from various hate groups. That includes a seven-person team on the Organized Crime/Anti-Terrorism Unit, which "focuses on activities of identified domestic terrorism and organized crime, by working with our law enforcement partners."

Cunningham said arresting and prosecuting people for crimes motivated by hateful views is one way for communities to keep hate groups from getting a foothold. He said organizing groups opposing such ideas can also help.

“The presence of a [hate] group is one thing, but I think it’s important for other groups to be vocal as well that they oppose those particular ideas," Cunningham said.

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Lucas Geisler

Lucas Geisler anchors the 5 p.m. show for ABC 17 News and reports on the latest news around mid-Missouri at 9 and 10 p.m.



  1. Thank goodness. I clicked every button on the map and Missouri does not have any BLM or Antifa anti-civil rights fascist hate groups. It would be terrible to have those violent hate groups in Missouri.

    Notably missing from the list is the finger on the trigger John Brown Gun Club, which is affiliated with the Red Neck Revolt communists. Maybe being anti-American, anti-police, and anti-capitalist is not enough to make the list.

  2. Actually, that’s a drop in the bucket. You should look into Missouri prisons. They have members from almost every known white supremisist group in Missouri. A lot of them come from the Green county area or the 417 area code, most of them will have that number tattooed on them somewhere),and the boot heel. I knew Trump was going to be a problem from the get go because those groups were celebrating his victory in 2016. The treasonous incident on Jan.6 started just over 4 years ago. Now they’re all mad because they couldn’t get another 4 years of support out of him. Things that make you go hum. Trump ordered the forced removal of peaceful protesters in order to get a photo op in front of a church but wouldn’t lift a finger to help secure the United States Capitol and all the officials and workers inside. Instead he just watched it unfold on tv as Capitol officers were being beaten, and tortured.

    1. “Trump…wouldn’t lift a finger to help secure the United States Capitol and all the officials and workers inside” You know the U.S. Capitol Police is controlled by the legislative branch, not the President. In fact our own Sen Roy Blunt was the chairman of the Senate Committee that authorizes the Capitol Police. The Capitol Police were deliberately understaffed on Jan 6th and opened barricades and doors for the violent BLM/Antifa protestors trying to get into the Capitol. It was a planned setup to make Trump’s 74M supporters look bad. Just as fake as the election results.

      There is a very interesting difference in the media treatment between the mostly peaceful protest of January 6 and the Black Lives Matter Siege on the White House on May 31, 2020, when More Than 60 Secret Service Agents Were Injured.

  3. The SPLC identifies as hate groups any group their major donors requests them to. Their entire existence is political. It does nothing to promote civil discourse. Quite the contrary, it’s all on board with censorship of any view it remotely disagrees with.
    “David Cunningham, a sociology professor at Washington University who studies hate groups” requires there to be hate groups in order to draw a paycheck. Little surprise he finds them in abundance.
    The by far greatest of “hate groups” will never be identified as one by either of the above mentioned entities. Those of the left which so despise the “deplorable” half of US citizens they seek their social and economic destruction, if not their execution, get a free pass.

  4. SPLC is the largest hate group in America funded by Soros and the DNC. They push Anti white, anti Christian and Marxist militarization of the left. If any group should be run out of our country it should be them! Complete bias and some of the worst excuse for journalism that has oozed out of Columbia. This story is propaganda! Shame on you!

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