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Boone Hospital Center announces transition date from BJC system

Boone Hospital Center
Boone Hospital Center


The Boone Hospital Center Board of Trustees and BJC HealthCare have agreed to an April 1, 2021 date for Boone Hospital Center’s full transition from the BJC system.

The date was originally set for January 1, 2021. The three-month adjustment change is largely a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“The Trustees are committed to a successful transition for Boone Hospital,” says Jerry Kennett, MD, Boone Hospital Center Board of Trustees Chairman. “We had originally planned on January 1. Obviously, some things have happened outside of our control that has caused us to make some adjustments. Instead of rushing to meet a date, we are going to make sure we get it right.”

Boone Hospital Center has been a part of BJC HealthCare for nearly 30 years.

“Throughout this process, BJC has supported the Trustees to ensure the citizens of mid-Missouri continue to receive the incredible health care that they have always received from Boone Hospital,” says Dr. Kennett. “Shifting the transition date to April 1 will allow us to achieve that goal and ensure the orderly transition of management and operations of the hospital from BJC HealthCare.”

In September 2018, the Trustees and BJC mutually agreed that BJC’s lease of Boone Hospital would come to a conclusion. After evaluating options, the Trustees announced in August 2019 that Boone Hospital would transition to an independent community hospital.

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