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Biden wins Boone, defeated handily in Cole and Callaway

Voters in line to cast their absentee ballots Monday at the Boone County Government Center.
Voters in line to cast their absentee ballots Monday at the Boone County Government Center.


Former Vice President Joe Biden won in Boone County but the margin was much smaller than the one President Donald Trump enjoyed in Cole and Callaway counties.

Biden took about 55% of the presidential votes in reliably Democratic Boone County, getting 49,999 of the 91,200 votes cast. Trump garnered about 38,600 votes.

The story was different in Republican-heavy Cole and Callaway counties, with Trump earning more than 65% of the vote in each. In Callaway County, Trump took nearly 70% of the vote to Biden's 28%. In Cole County, the president drew about 66% of the vote.

Those patterns held true in the race for Missouri governor. Democrat Nicole Galloway, a former Boone County treasurer, took about 53% of the vote in her home county. Meanwhile, Parson won Callaway County with about 70% of the vote and Cole with about 68%.

Trump and Parson each won statewide.

The counties also split along party lines on Amendment 3. The amendment was put on the ballot and promoted by Republican majorities in the state House and Senate and opposed by many Democratic lawmakers.

About 58% of Boone County voters cast ballots against Amendment 3, which would undo changes in the process of drawing legislative districts that voters approved in 2018. However, 54% of Callaway County voters and 54% of Cole County voters were in favor of Amendment 3.

The ballot issue was too close to call early Wednesday with some precincts in the state still not counted.

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Matthew Sanders is the digital content director at ABC 17 News.


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  1. “Biden wins Boone County.” Which is one of many reasons I moved out of Boone County 30 years ago. It’s filled with political morons. Who in their right mind would decide the best one to put in charge of nuclear weapons is an old man with obviously declining mental acuity, that can’t seem to keep his hands off of women and children. A man who equates God with “you know, the thing”. And a running mate whose sole qualifications are she’s black, female, and a member of the Democrat Party. Who by all accounts used her gender extensively as a means to acquire her “position”.

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