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Callaway County tax levy increase could keep lights on at Holts Summit library


The Callaway County Library board of trustees unanimously approved language for a tax increase that will appear on April's General Municipal Election ballot.

On Tuesday, the Callaway County Library board agreed on a resolution that would increase the county's operating tax levy by 6-cents.

Library District president Tonya Hays-Martin said the increased revenue would go towards multiple areas.

"We would be able to keep the Holts Summit Library open," Hays-Martin said. "We could also hire more staff members and focus on more community outreach."

Hays-Martin said the increased revenue could make the Hols Summit Library a permanent location. It's currently open about 20 hours during the week. Hays-Martin said the library is operating rent-free, but that agreement ends in December.

"If the measure fails, we wouldn't be able to extend extra services and close the Holts Summit Library," Hays-Martin said.

Hays-Martin said the tax levy hasn't been increased since 2000.

If approved in April, the increased tax levy would go into effect in November and the library could start receiving revenue in December.

Hays-Martin said the bill is in accordance with a 2019 survey. The survey conducted by ETC Institute shows that 98% of respondents said libraries are important to the community. It also shows that residents wanted to see library collections improved, more library programs added, as well as having more content online.

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Matt Ragsdale

Matt Ragsdale is a broadcast and digital producer at ABC 17 News.


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  1. So let me get this straight. Callaway county as a whole more than doubled our collegected property tax and yet still want to raise our taxes yet again with zero to show from the extra collected taxes. Show me how our county improved and I might consider voting in more taxes.

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