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Protestors demonstrate at Sen. Hawley event in Columbia


Protesters have gathered to demonstrate against Republican Senator Josh Hawley at the corner of Forum Blvd and Woodrail avenue at the Country Club of Missouri entrance.

Protestors gathered both in support and against Hawley.

One demonstrator said she was unhappy with comments the senator made surrounding the January 6th capitol riots.

Rebecca shaw said, "This is the first chance that we've had as a group to get out and be in the same place where Senator Holly is and show him that we don't believe that what happened on January 6 was the right thing."

We reached out to Hawley's team for a comment about the demonstration.

Hawley's office responded by saying:

Senator Hawley is proud to stand up for election integrity and the people of Missouri. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has created a crisis at our border and he has no plan to fix it. Maybe there should be a protest outside the White House.

The Republican Senator was scheduled to meet with a small group of donors at the country club.

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  1. I bet there were more donors for Josh than protestors (not socially distancing on the sidewalk).

    Liberals cried and cried about the children in cages during Trump, but now the libs don’t say anything about the 1,000s of kids in cages and shipping containers. How many kids are being raped and killed on the trip north since that fool Biden invited them in? Libs are such hypocrites.

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