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Missouri lawmakers respond to first COVID-19 case in state


Statements from legislators continued to pour in Sunday after the first presumed positive case of COVID-19 in Missouri.

The Missouri House Republicans sent out a statement assuring the public that they have the "utmost trust," in the Department of Health and Senior Services.

"We have the utmost trust in DHSS to handle this in a way that protects Missourians and will continue to look to Dr. Patterson and the Special Committee on Disease Control and Prevention to monitor the situation, so if needed, the legislature is ready to act quickly in a bipartisan way to prevent further spread throughout the state.”

Speaker of The House Elijah Haahr, Speaker Pro Tem John Wiemann, and Majority Floor Leader Rob Vescovo

They later went on to say that legislature is ready to act, "quickly in a bipartisan way to prevent further spread throughout the state.

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R) has also responded, pointing to his recent legislation surrounding COVID-19. In a statement, he said his federal proposal will help protect the medical supply chain.

In a Tweet, Missouri State Representative for the 45th District Kip Kendrick (D) said he believed Missourians are, "ready to work together to address this issue." Kendrick also urged residents not to panic.

For those interested in learning more about the virus, they can visit the CDC's website at

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