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Missouri could make daylight saving time permanent


Missouri lawmakers could consider making daylight saving time permanent during the 100th general assembly.

A bill to establish daylight saving as a standard time pact was pre-filed in Missouri by state Rep. Tim Remole (R) in December.

The bill could go into effect as early as August 2020. However, 20 states must have adopted similar legislation for the law to go into effect.

The U.S. Department of Transportation states, " Under the Uniform Time Act, as amended, states may exempt themselves from observing Daylight Saving Time by State law.  If a State chooses to observe Daylight Saving Time, it must begin and end on federally mandated dates."

The U.S. Department of Transportation also said the purpose of daylight saving time is to help save energy, save lives and prevent traffic injuries and reduces crime.

Other states, including Illinois and Kansas, are considering similar bills that would get rid of daylight saving time.

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Amber Tabeling

Amber joined the ABC 17 News team as a multimedia journalist in December 2019. She was a student-athlete at Parkland College and Missouri Valley College. She hails from a small town in Illinois.



  1. So would it be doing away with daylight savings time or would it actually put us on daylight savings time? Not a fan of doing away with it cause this time of yr there isnt much light left after I get off work, but would be all for being ON DST as that would give us an extra hr of daylight after work.

  2. Daylight savings doesn’t effect crime, traffic or energy. Some criminals don’t even wear watches. If we want our business or schools to open while it’s lighter out in the morning, start later in the morning. The hours of daylight will always change over the course of the year. DST is just outdated.

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