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Columbia City Government

Columbia City Council unanimous in COVID-19 health order extension


The Columbia City Council unanimously extended the city's COVID-19 health order Monday.

The Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services on Thursday extended the current health order through Oct. 20.

Watch a replay of the COVID-19 update and discussion in the player below.

Staff with the health department provided an update on the status of the virus in the county and city as well as available supplies.

While discussing the health order, Stephanie Browning director of the Columbia/Boone County Health Department said testing in declining in the county and hospitalizations are up. She did say some hospitalizations are from people who come from outside of Boone County.

Browning also said cases among college age people continue to make up a majority of cases, but they have dropped.

The council then discussed ratifying the current order. City code requires ratification for any orders that will last longer than 21 days.

The council voted unanimously to ratify the order.

Two business owners came forward to comment on the ratification of the current order. They voiced support for restrictions to be lifted saying the restaurant and bar industry was being hit hard by them.

One business owner said changing restrictions have also made it more difficult to enforce them.

They said some local businesses were facing closing their doors while other big box stores were not feeling the same impact from the restrictions.

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Sydney Olsen

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  1. Since the infection/mortality rate for this virus is about 0.016%, within the boundaries of ordinary influenza, the ongoing economic destruction is completely unjustified. The destruction is almost totally among private businesses, eliminating competition for corporate businesses. Would you really expect the health authorities to admit the danger is less, and so take themselves out of the position of power and ego gratification they now enjoy?

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