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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Did some health officials go too far with orders?

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Gov. Mike Parson signed a bill into law Tuesday that places limits on local health officials' ability to issue extended orders such as those seen in the coronavirus pandemic.

Parson said the law was the consequence of health officials' overreach. Many of the orders severely limited the amount and type of business that could be conducted in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Opponents of the law say health officials are best suited to determine what restrictions should be in place and for how long.

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  1. These “officials” have no authority to take any action at all, much less overreach. Missouri is a republic. Meaning it consists of a legislative, executive, and judicial branch, on the State and local level. There is no “health official” branch. If a “law” isn’t passed by legislature (city council), implemented by executive (mayor), it has no legal foundation.
    And that’s aside from the point that destroying our economic, social, and mental health to contain a slightly more dangerous than ordinary virus is insane on its face.

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