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Moniteau County assessor announces resignation amid multiple investigations

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The Moniteau County assessor confirmed on Thursday she is stepping down effective New Year's Day.

Assessor Amanda Trimble told ABC 17 News she notified the Moniteau County Commission and the Governor's office that her last day will be Jan. 1, 2020. Trimble said she would be willing to stay longer to train the next county assessor.

The resignation comes five weeks after a whistleblower complaint against Trimble was sent to the state auditor's office. The complaint from Nov. 18 accused Trimble of misusing county credit cards to pay for personal expenses including a weekend trip to Texas.

Earlier this month, ABC 17 News confirmed both the state auditor's office and Moniteau County Sheriff's Office opened investigations into Trimble's office.

State auditor spokeswoman Steph Deidrick said the public corruption and fraud division was looking into the allegations on Dec. 5.

ABC 17 News has contacted both offices to see where those investigations stand.

On Thursday, Trimble told ABC 17 News she had no knowledge of the investigations.

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Matt Ragsdale

Matt Ragsdale is a broadcast and digital producer at ABC 17 News.



  1. I’m beginning to think only the dumb ones get caught. There is no doubt that the vast majority of elected crooks are stealing or benefitting financially from their position. Thus the meltdown in Jeff City when the voters made them stop accepting blatant bribes.

  2. dumber than dumb, that’s for sure. she has probably done stuff like this at every job she has had and just not got caught … i know i sure wouldn’t hire anyone as deceitful as this one appears to be!

  3. What a low life. And she brags about how she’s ramming it in the taxpayer’s back doors on overvalued property assessments! As a taxpayer who has been gouged by her corrupt tactics, I demand a refund!!

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