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Understanding Missouri’s conceal carry laws


After an armed citizen stopped a shooter at an Indiana mall, ABC 17 News decided to take a look at the current concealed carry laws in Missouri.

When it comes to conceal carry laws, some Missourians might think you need a permit to carry concealed in Missouri. However, anyone over the age of 19 who can legally own a gun can decide to open carry, conceal carry without a permit, or if they choose, go ahead and get a conceal and carry permit.  

"Missouri is a permit-less carry state.  But we still have the option to get a permit if we want one.  Which I strongly encourage people to do, it gains us reciprocity with other states," said Capt. Brian Leer, with Boone County Sheriff's Department.

That is key when it comes to conceal carry permits in the state of Missouri. When residents get a conceal carry permit in Missouri, the permit is recognized in Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Iowa. Nebraska will accept a person with a conceal carry permit only if the person is over the age of 21. And Illinois does not recognize a conceal carry permit from a Missouri resident.  

"We do caution people who are traveling with firearms, who plan to conceal carry in another state to know those laws," said Capt. Leer.

So what are some of the requirements for Missouri residents to get a conceal carry permit?  

Must be at least 19 years of age citizen and is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States and either, be a resident of Missouri, a member of or the spouse of an armed forces service member in the state of Missouri.  

In addition to those requirements, a person can not be found to be mentally incompetent at the time of application or for five years prior. 

According to Capt. Leer, there are some people with certain criminal convictions that will keep you from getting a permit as well. 

"Missouri has a statute that prohibits certain offenders from even being able to own a gun.  So you felony domestic assault cases," said Leer.

Larry Wayland at Modern Arms recommends that his customers take a conceal carry class to better understand Missouri laws.

"Getting that information on the state statute in that structured class that is required to get a permit, you will gain a lot of information."

With the option for people in Missouri who choose to purchase and carry a gun, Wayland says that the way you store and carry your weapon is just as important as owning the right to bear arms. 

"That handgun without a good holster. Is somewhat of a limited tool. Having a good weapons platform system to conceal carry comfortably and to carry it in a manner that is not offensive to people who may not see it the same way as you do," said Wayland.

Leer and Wayland both say that while there are no laws that require a gun be in a holster with you carry a gun, it is important always to use proper gun safety and to take a gun safety class if you own or plan to own a gun.  

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