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Springfield parents file lawsuit over school mask mandate



Six parents have filed a lawsuit alleging that Springfield Public Schools doesn't have the authority to require masks.

The Springfield News-Leader reports that the parents argue that the mask mandate in place since August is a legal overreach and infringes on the rights of parents.

Stephanie Sproule, one of the parents named in the lawsuit, said at a recent meeting that it was time for parents to "stand up and demand our freedoms back."

But Stephen Hall, the district's chief communications officer, described the lawsuit as "frivolous, short-sighted and harmful." He said the district has repeatedly stated that it intends to lift the masking requirement no later than mid-January and noted that the district's youngest student only recently became eligible to be vaccinated.




  1. Masks don’t work, especially on children who will NOT wear them correctly. Using a dangerous vaccine on them to protect from a virus they suffer little to no risk from is insane, if not pure evil.

    1. Your opinion is not only not surprising it’s also factually wrong. There are multiple studies available that show that mask mandates DO in fact work to reduce the likelihood of infection. So when making asinine statements like this one please attempt, at the very least, to back up what ever none sense you are spewing with actual data, you belong to a cult of COVID deniers and anti-vaccinators, some self reflection and understanding your own cognitive bias with help.

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