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ABC 17 News coronavirus roundtable discussion: Vaccine rates in Missouri on decline


Vaccine rates in Missouri are on the decline which could cause a problem with supplies outweighing demand.

MU Health Care vaccine co-chair Laura Morris and Columbia/Boone County assistant director Scott Clardy spoke about a variety of topics tonight from vaccine side effects to in-person events held at schools this year.

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ABC 17 News Team


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  1. Perhaps people are discovering the truth, in spite of the massive censorship of any information that counters the WHO or the CDC. These vaccines do NOT provide immunity. They have barely been tested for immediate efficacy and safety, and not tested at all in the long term. Since they do not provide immunity, they can form no possible basis for a “vaccine passport”. The virus is in decline nearly world wide, which suggests that those “hot spots” still existing, like India, have something else in play that we aren’t aware of. like testing procedures, which have been dubious throughout.

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