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Jefferson City council passes motion to recognize the historical significance of Oct. 7, 1864


Jefferson City's Third Ward councilman got his motion passed to reintroduce a resolution to recognize the historical significance of Oct. 7, 1864, during the council meeting Monday night.

The council also decided to make some changes to what events and actions people will recognize about this time in history.

The council removed a line in the resolution saying that Price avoided attacking because he may have liked Jefferson City. The board states that this line is based on speculation.

"I stated earlier it's not to us as a council to try to address an issue that is somewhat in our community. I think it has an opportunity to heal the community and move forward passed this issue", said Third Ward council member Scott Spencer.

The decision to recognize this historical event comes after Mayor Carrie Tergin, had two pavers removed because of concerns that they symbolized a Civil War monument. Edith Vogel the owner of both monuments sued the city over the removal of her pavers and won.

Last month, the city agreed to replace the bricks at Deborah Cooper Park at Adrian's Island and pay for Vogel's attorney fees.

The council will also discuss, revaluating the structural assessment on more than a dozen properties in the Capital Avenue Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District.

During Monday's meeting, the council also voted in favor of authorizing a $33,600 contract with All-State consultants LLC for structural evaluations of seven dangerous structures in the area.

The structures are at 109 Adams St, 113 Adams St, 401 East Capital, 407 East Capital, 409 East Capital, 410 East Capital Ave, and 415 Commerical Way.

Two properties 108 and 104 Jackson are already set to be demolished using federal funding. 106 has already been demolished. Jefferson City's Historic Preservation Commission determined that there was no impact on the historical value of the area.

Once the buildings have been assessed and deemed safe to rehabilitate they will be made available for the public to bid on.

Buildings found to be beyond rehabilitation will be demolished.

Kennedy Miller


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