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Contractors begin tearing down a dangerous structure in Jefferson City


The Mid-Missouri Earth Movers in Jefferson City have begun demolishing what they call a dangerous structure at 417 East Capitol Ave. in Jefferson City.

The Mid-Missouri Earth Movers were alerted that the structure's roof collapsed, which caused the outer walls to separate. This qualified the home as being a dangerous structure.

Dangerous Building Inspector for Jefferson City, Dave Helmick says the home will be demolished by this evening.

After the property is down, the team will work hauling off the materials and debris for the next few days.

The contractors will then begin working on demolishing three other properties.

Helmick says the city has tried reaching out to the private owner of each home but they haven't had much luck.

"The four that were doing are ones that the owners just refuse to comply with or make any kind of action or commence action on them. So at that point, the city has to use demolishing funds to demolish them to make the neighborhood safe", Helmick said.

ABC 17 News also spoke with Mayor Carrie Tergin and she said the city will continue to do what it can to save homes around East Capitol before they are demolished.

"We have had some success with the properties and getting them turned over for revitalization, so our hope would be that while we have lost and are losing several of these properties in what is really the most historic core door of our city. We are really making an effort to save what we can". Tergin said.

Tergin also told us why a lot of the homes are sitting and deteriorating.

"When the property owners don't take care of their property unfortunately it falls into deeper despair and then it falls into the dangerous category and then ultimately has to be demolished which is extremely frustrating", Tergin says.

In total, Helmick says this property will cost around $40,000 to $60,000 to demolish.

Mid-Missouri Earth Movers plan to have all four properties demolished before the end of December.

Kennedy Miller

Kennedy Miller


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