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University of Missouri teaches students about fire safety on campus


Firefighters burned a replica room on the University of Missouri campus Wednesday to show students how quickly flames can spread inside a dorm room or other bedrooms.

The flames from the fire made it to the ceiling of the room in three minutes. Columbia Fire Marshal, James Pasley said it takes about 30 seconds for a smoke detector to go off.

Pasley said when it rings, that's your time to hurry and find safety. The demonstration is part of Safe Mizzou and September's Campus Fire Safety Month.

Emily Cridlebaugh is a freshman at the University of Missouri. She said it was shocking to see this in person.

"It makes you like more cautious, like well, I don't want to burn a candle in my dorm room now because I don't want that to happen," Cridlebaugh said.

Students were able to stand and sit a safe distance away to get a good look at the room. Some that were standing far in the back said they could still feel the heat and the smoke made them cough.

The purpose of the event was to make students aware that fires in rooms can happen quickly. Columbia fire officials say this demonstration is good for people to see in person.

"To actually get out in front of a prop like this, and like I said see it actually build, feel the heat and see the smoke. It's just really that eye-opening to go wow that's what they been talking about," Pasley said.

Kassidy Redd is also a freshman student at MU. She said she is more aware and plans to keep others safe as well.

"I was already pretty cautious about it anyway. I made my friend throw her toaster away," Redd said.

The Safe Mizzou fire demonstration took place at Lowry Mall and Speakers Circle on the MU campus.

The events this week are geared toward educating students about personal safety. MU hosted active shooter and campus intruder training all day in the MU Student Center.

According to the National Fire Association, from 2015-2019, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated annual average of 3,840 structure fires in dormitories, fraternities, sororities and other related properties. These fires caused annual averages of 29 civilian injuries and $11 million in direct property damage.

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